Wednesday, July 23, 2008

National Hot Dog Month

Being from Chicago, you know I love a good hot dog, but they don't seem to be too popular with anyone but the kids these days. Have hot dogs gotten a bad rap?

For centuries together, hot dogs and sausages have suffered from their fair share of misperceptions about their content and manufacture. But today's traditional hot dogs and sausages are growing leaner. The fact is the U.S. Department of Agriculture requires by law that meats used in hot dogs and sausages must be muscle meat, just like the fresh ground meat sold in supermarkets. The vast majority of hot dogs and sausages consist of the same high quality meats that shoppers buy straight out of their grocer's meat case.

So, with July being National Hot Dog Month, I headed over to to see what hot dog-inspired goodies I could find.

Hot Dog the Weiner Dog Print by OrangeWillow; Activist cookout-ORIGINAL PAINTING by myzoetrope; Hot dog and bun soap by MollycoddleSoap; HOT DOG STITCH MARKERS knitting needles by scarymerry; 5 x 7 black and white -- Seth eating hot dog by neurorocker; hot dog by
jemmanimals; Hot Dog by chicalookate; Picnic Pin Up Girl pocketbook by DumbKidDesigns; Hot Doggles Print by joehavasy

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