Monday, July 28, 2008

And we have a winner....

Last night was the much-anticipated season finale of "The Next Food Network Star" on the Food Network. Our big winner is Aaron McCargo, Jr. from Camden, NJ. If you're into food and/or reality t.v., I highly suggest you catch next season. In the meantime, you can catch Aaron's new show Big Daddy's House, Sundays at 1:30pm/12:30c.

Aaron is a family man who loves all things buttered and barbecued. Aaron got his start cooking in a local hospital at 13 and is the Executive Catering Chef for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Married with three kids, Aaron brings an easygoing presence to the kitchen with his warm smile and passion for down to earth cooking.

Age: 36
Hometown: Camden, N.J.
Occupation: Chef
Favorite food: Buffalo wings
Food/ingredient you won't go near: Venison
Why you should be The Next Food Network Star:
I have a real and unique personality and delivery on food. I have a more down-to-earth way of cooking.

One of my favorite recipes from this season, although not from our winner, is the Vegas style Mac 'N' Cheese with Grilled Lobster. I haven't officially tried it yet (still working up the nerve to work with live lobsters), but if it tastes anything like it looks and sounds, it's absolutely divine.

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